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Dual Driver Renewal Process

Once licensed,we will normally write to you about 6 weeks before the expiry of your Dual Driver's Licence offering you the opportunity to renew it. You are reminded that it is your responsibility, not the Council's, to renew your Licence and if you fail to do so before the its expiry then any application will be treated as a new application and you will not be permitted to drive until that application has been determined (approximately 6/ 8 weeks)

As part of the renewal process you will need to make application for Disclosure to DBS and provide supporting documentation.

The application form for the renewal of your Dual Drivers Licence is available to download and must be completed and brought with you to your appointment along with the other required documentation:

Details of how to make a renewal appointment will be included on your reminder letter. You can also use our Taxi Driver Renewal Appointment service to request an appointment online.

For both the grant and renewal of your Dual Drivers Licence, once the application for Disclosure to DBS has been received then you will need to make an appointment through the Licensing Support Team to see a Licensing Officer who will check and receive your application.

Incomplete applications or applications not accompanied by the required fee will not be accepted.

Applications which are withdrawn for any reason will be subject to an administrative handling fee

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