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Shopper and Business Survey Results

Streets Ahead

Thank you to everyone who completed our recent Streets Ahead surveys. We have now collated the results, which can be viewed below. The results contain more in-depth information into what you think of your high street, as a shopper and as a business.

Shopper Survey Results

Summary of results carried out between 22nd October 2014 and 28th November 2014:

  • 522 surveys were completed.
  • 50% of shoppers were aged 40-60, 71% were female, and 68% were employed.
  • 81% of shoppers lived in one of Wealden's four main towns.
  • 98% of shoppers had used or shopped in the facilities in the high street / town centre where they live at least once during the past four weeks.
  • The average number of times for doing so was 11. 50% of the visits had been to a supermarket. 84% of shoppers travel by car to their local shops, and 93% for other shops.
  • 46% of shoppers felt the lack of choice stops them from going into an independent shop.
  • 93% of shoppers have or do, shop online.
  • The top three pull factors of the high street / town centre were felt to be the local shops, the convenience, and the bank.
  • 78% of shoppers want to see a wider range of shops in their local town.
  • 83% of shoppers claimed to regularly support other events that take place in their town/village.
  • 72% of shoppers claim to use social media to find out about local events / promotions / shop sales etc.
  • View or download the full Shopper Survey Results (pdf)

Business Survey Results

Summary of results 27th October 2014 and 1st December 2014:

  • 40 surveys were completed.
  • 55% of businesses were independent retailers.
  • The average number of years that businesses had been in business was 18, and been in business at the current location was 12.
  • 90% of businesses felt the High Street was changing.
  • Of these, 28 believed it was changing for the worse and 8 felt it was changing for the better.
  • 45% of businesses felt concerned, and 23% felt negative, about the future of their High Street.
  • 5% felt positive.
  • 55% of businesses felt they have had to adapt their business to changes in the local economy in the last 5 years.
  • 75% of businesses have a website, 73% use Facebook and 63% use Twitter, while only 24% currently trade online.
  • Largely, businesses declined the offer of training for support in these four online platforms.
  • As business support organisations, 90% of businesses were aware of the FSB, and 88% were aware of their town/village's Chamber of Commerce.
  • A majority of businesses attend business events; with 48% doing so sometimes, and 23% doing so often.
  • Business chose car parking as the top factor that supports their town / village economy.
  • 38% of businesses claim to already be involved in helping promote / support their high street, with a further 23% willing to get involved.
  • Only 5% of businesses claimed to already attend the Wealden Business Breakfasts, and 53% were not interested in attending in the future.
  • 78% of businesses would like to sign up for the free Wealden Business Focus Newsletter.
  • 95% of businesses would be interested in receiving the results of the "shopper's insights survey".
  • View or download the full Business Survey Results (pdf)