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Procurement: Selling to Wealden District Council

Selling to Wealden

Have you ever thought about selling your product to Wealden District Council?  We are one of the biggest businesses in East Sussex.  A business that spends around £30m every year on buying works, goods or services from external organisations.  A business that actively wants to buy from local firms and currently spends in excess of £4.5m with East Sussex Businesses.  We buy a large range of services and products and our supply chain is made up of approximately 70% SMEs.

Our current Corporate Procurement Strategy (pdf) was approved in March 2014 and runs for the period 2014 - 2017.

Wealden District Council's Contract Procedure Rules require tenders and quotes to be sought as follows:

  • Purchases up to £4,999 - officers choose suppliers and negotiate prices, seeking to use contract arrangements where exist, must obtain a minimum of one written quote;
  • For purchases between £5,000 and under £50,000 written quotations are invited from at least three suitable companies;
  • For purchases over £50,000 a select list of tenders is compiled following the publication of an advertisement on both Contracts Finder and the South East Shared Services Portal.
  • Contracts where the value exceeds the threshold laid down by the EU for goods, services and works must be advertised in the Official Journal of the European Union (OJEU). 

Further information on the tendering process for Wealden District Council can be found in our Contract Procedure Rules 2015 (pdf).

Selling to Wealden Booklet (pdf)

A guide for Suppliers, incorporating procurement procedures, selection criteria and tendering for contracts.

The Strategy and Contract Procedure rules are currently being reviewed in line with forthcoming legislation and the continued development of the East Sussex Procurement Hub of which Wealden is a founder member.

East Sussex Procurement Hub

Details on the Hub including all current and future opportunities to supply the Councils, current contracts, plus other information and useful tools for both Suppliers and Buyers.

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