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Please note: Ask the Leader has been suspended during the General Election period and will resume on 13 December.

The Leader will be pleased to answer any question you may have about Wealden District Council's policies, or other matters involving the Council, which you think are of interest to people living, working or visiting Wealden.

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For information on any of the Ask The Leader questions listed please contact our Communications Officer on pr@wealden.gov.uk.

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Recordings of the Local Plan Examination in Public


Dear Councillor Standley,

You recently advised Mr David Larkin that Wealden District Council would not be releasing the recordings from the Local Plan Examination. The explanation you gave was in fact not valid and, through an FOI request EIR-IR-7825, Information Governance have provided a copy of these recordings. Will Wealden District Council now make these recordings available through the Local Plan Examination Website and advise Mr Larkin of the availability ?

Jessica North


Dear Jessica North

In June, we informed Mr Larkin that we would not be publishing the recordings of the Local Plan Examination session until all the hearings had been completed.

Following the completion of the Local Plan Examination, we are making the recordings available to the public. Due to the file sizes involved, they are not available on our website, but we are happy to provide an encrypted memory stick of the files on request.

Bob Standle

Delivery of waste bins to new property


I moved into my new property in July this year and received confirmation on 15 July that my request for my 2 waste disposal bins would be processed within 10 days. It is now 9 weeks later and I still do not have my bins. I have called many times and been told of your backlog of orders and for 3 weeks running have been assured that '6 lorries are out each day making deliveries' but no-one can give me a date for when my bins will arrive. I cannot leave household waste outside in a plastic bag for collection as advised by your waste department as the animals get to it before the bin men and I am then left with the mess to clean up. I have taken my waste to the nearest recycling centre which is Crowborough as the Wadhurst site is now shut. This involves an hour of my time and the expense of the fuel to do an unnecessary and air polluting journey.

I pay the highest rate of council tax and yet have been told by waste department that 'non of this is specifically for waste disposal'. I am about to put posts on various social media including Nextdoor to assess how bad this lack of supply of waste bins is across the Wealden Council area is and how many others are experiencing the same problem. I can only assume that the answer will be hundreds of people if 6 lorries for 5 days a week over a 9 week period since my request has not caught up with deliveries of new bins. Your bin collection men themselves are a delight, it is just a great pity that they are let down by your bin supplier. I would be grateful if someone could provide me to give me a sensible answer to when I can expect the delivery of my bins.

Katharine Austin


Dear Katharine Austin,

 I am sorry to hear about the long wait you have had for the delivery of the general waste and recycling bins to your new property.  The introduction of our new garden waste collection arrangements in July has put increased pressure on the team that delivers new and replacement bins across the District. I have made enquiries on your behalf and requested the matter receive urgent attention. I understand your bins have now been delivered. I apologise for the time this has taken.


Bob Standley

For information on any of the Ask The Leader questions listed please contact our Communications Officer on pr@wealden.gov.uk.