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Chairman of the Council

Councillor Chris Hardy

Chris Hardy CMElected 2016

The high standing of the Chairman is one of honour and dignity rather than actual legal powers. 

The Chairman is expected to attend many formal and informal functions including:

  • Royal and State Visits
  • Civic Ceremonies and Functions
  • Charity events
  • AGMs
  • Community events

Other functions of the role are:

  • To remain politically neutral as the office of Chairman is a civic and ceremonial position
  • To Chair Full Council meetings
  • Act as an ambassador to promote the Council's name at home and elsewhere

The Vice Chairman,

Councillor Pam DoodesPam VCM

Councillor Doodes who represents Ninfield and Hooe with Wartling is the Council's Vice Chairman.







The Chairman supports the following charities:

Should you wish to make a donation please call the Chairman's Office.

How to contact the Chairman

The Chairman's PA, Mrs Amy Evans, is always happy to discuss the Chairman's availability to attend or host an event and to advise on protocol.

Your can contact Mrs Evans on 01892 602435 or email amy.evans@wealden.gov.uk