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RSPCA welfare award for Wealden District Council

Media Release : 18 September 2017

Wealden District Council has been given the RSPCA’s Bronze Community Animal Welfare Footprint Award for the work it does in protecting pet welfare in its 3,100 council homes.

RSPCA award

The award is in recognition of the safeguards the Council has put into place covering the ownership of all pets in council tenancies.  These help ensure pets are properly treated and do not cause a nuisance to other tenants.
“We are very proud to have won this award,” said Councillor Graham Wells, Wealden Cabinet member for Housing. “The Council recognises the benefits of responsible pet ownership, both in our council housing and retirement living courts, so we have drawn up a ‘pets’ constitution’ across all tenancies which provides advice on responsible pet ownership and highlights the actions we will take when pets are kept inappropriately or cause a danger or nuisance to neighbours.”
The RSPCA’s Community Animal Footprints Awards are now in their ninth year. They were established to celebrate those organisations which go above and beyond statutory service requirements to achieve higher animal welfare standards.
Wealden District Council has been awarded the Royal Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animal’s Bronze Footprint award in the Housing Category. It is the first time Wealden has won a RSPCA Footprint award and the Council has been invited to attend the awards presentation in London on 28 November.
Under Wealden’s Pets Procedure for housing, small domestic animals including dogs cats, rabbits, tropical fish, small caged rodents, small non-poisonous caged reptiles, non-poisonous contained insects or amphibians, and guinea pigs are normally welcomed, but not for those breeds of dog listed under section 1 of the Dangerous Dogs Act or farm animals. No pet should be left in a property when the tenant is away unless clear arrangements have been made to provide adequate care. As a general rule, no more than two pets are allowed per family home, one in the case of retirement living tenancy.
“It is no secret that receiving a CAWF Award is a major achievement for any organisation or local authority,” said Rachel Williams, senior parliamentary advisor for the RSPCA. “The Footprints are the only awards available that recognise the hard work of local authorities, social housing providers and public sector bodies on animal welfare.”
There are four categories of CAWF award recognising animal welfare: Stray Dog Provision, Contingency Planning, Housing Policy, and Animal Activity Licensing Footprint.