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We like it here, say Wealden residents

Media Release : 19 December 2017

Nine out of ten Wealden residents like living here, and three quarters are satisfied with the way the District Council runs things.

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These are some of the findings of a District-wide telephone survey carried out by Wealden District Council to measure its performance against national comparisons.
“Surveys like this are an important way of seeing how we are doing compared to the rest of the country,” said Councillor Nick Collinson, Cabinet member for Community Leadership. “I’m pleased to see that we are doing very well, with the Council scoring above average in all seven of the categories used for making national comparisons by the Local Government Association.
“When it comes to satisfaction with how the Council runs things and where people live, our ratings are over 8 percentage points higher than the national average. Wealden District Council is also ahead when it comes to providing value for money, acting on residents’ concerns and keeping residents informed.
“We have decided to commission the survey every two years to better monitor how we can continue to improve customer satisfaction. The survey – which involved a statistically representative sample of 1,000 Wealden residents chosen at random - also includes locally specific questions about Council services.”
When it came to questions about residents’ satisfaction with local area and how well the Council acts on residents’ concerns, Wealden scored higher than any local authority. Wealden scored second highest of the participating local authorities when it came to providing value for money and keeping residents informed.

           2017 Satisfaction Survey

Local Government Association benchmark questions



National average

How satisfied are you with your local area as place to live?




How satisfied are you with the way Wealden District Council runs things?




Do you agree that Wealden District Council provides value for money?




To what extent do you thing Wealden District Council acts on the concerns of local residents?




How well informed do you think Wealden District Council keeps residents informed of its services?






How safe do you feel when outside in your local area after dark?




How safe do you feel when outside in your local area during the day?




The survey revealed that 85% of residents were satisfied with their waste and recycling collection, an increase of 6% compared to when the survey was last carried out in 2014.