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Council Tax increases - possible referendum issues

Possible referendum issues for Parish and Town Councils increasing Council Tax:
  • At the moment, the Secretary of State has not indicated that towns and parishes will be included in the requirement to carry out a referendum if they set an "unreasonable" level of Council Tax, or indicated what level he would consider to be "unreasonable".
  • A requirement to hold a referendum remains a possibility until the position is clarified.
  • If a referendum was necessary, the town or parish council concerned would have to set an alternative "reasonable" budget and then conduct the referendum (through the district council with polling cards sent out with the proposed Council Tax bill) with its residents on the two options.
  • Any such referendum would take place in March and April with the result announced in May.
  • If the referendum resulted in a rejection of the proposed Council Tax council would have to be re-billed.
  • Any town or parish council requiring such a referendum would have to bear the cost of as well as the cost of any subsequent rebilling.