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Town and Parish Councils - Ordnance Survey Mapping

Town and Parish Councils are now able to sign up to the PSMA (Public Sector Mapping Agreement) and make use of all the Ordnance Survey products included within this. This may be useful with any neighbourhood mapping or specifying areas for nominating Assets of Community Value.

To access this you must apply to join the PSMA by going to the Public Service Mapping Agreement (external link).

Once you have completed the online form it will take approximately 1 week to hear back from Ordnance Survey.

As a member of the PSMA you can then obtain maps. You will need specialised free or commercial software to help you manage the mapping data, for further guidance visit Ordnance Survey solution providers webpage (external link).

You may like to look at Parish Online (external link) - an easy service to use that provides community or Town and Parish Councillors and Clerks with quick access to maps and mapping tools.

You need a PSMA license number to join but there is a 30 day free trial which you can try. Details of the costs are on the website but it is approximately £20 one-off set up fee, and an annual fee of £10 per 1000 population.

Once you are signed up you get access to all the mapping products. The correct acknowledgement is put on any maps that you print out or save as a pdf/jpeg (which you can then send to a printer if it is a large map that needs to be printed, e.g. A1 size).

Ordnance Survey have now set up a dedicated webpage. For information please visit: Ordnance Survey Town Parish and Community Councils (external link)