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Wealden District Association of Local Councils

The Wealden Association of Town and Parish Councils represents all the Town and Parish Councils in Wealden.

Aims and Objectives

The object of the Wealden District Association of Local Councils (WDALC) is to act as a not-for-profit, collective body to work together to the mutual benefit of all Town and Parish Councils in the Wealden District through the following objectives:

  • To encourage Co-operation between member Councils
  • To encourage all Member Councils to submit to the Secretary any relevant issues
  • To advance Member Councils' interests.
  • To receive reports from WDALC Representatives on other bodies and keep Member Councils informed.
  • To take all such steps as may be necessary or desirable in the interest of its Members

WDALC Constitution

View or download the WDALC Constitution (pdf)

WDALC Standing Orders

View or download the WDALC Standing Orders (pdf)

These aims and objectives shall be consistent with the objectives of the Sussex Association of Local Councils (external link), which are as follows:

  • To protect and promote the interests, rights, functions and privileges of Member Councils
  • To assist Member Councils in the performance of their duties and responsibilities and to promote and develop the social, economic, cultural and recreational needs of Member Councils both rural and urban
  • To promote a widespread and well informed interest in local government
  • To promote quality local government


The Management Committee meets every three months before the quarterly Association Meeting.

Outside Committees

WDALC Annual Elections take place in July each year and members are also elected as representatives onto the following committees:

  • Standards Committee (3 members)
  • Sussex Association of Local Councils Executive Committee (8 members)
  • Wealden Strategic Partnership (4 members)
  • Wealden Planning Panel (10 members)

Offices of the Association


  • Keith Stevens - Wartling Parish Council

Vice Chairman:

  • Mike Garner - Arlington Parish Council


  • Alison Stevens 

Members of the Management Committee:

  • Keith Stevens - Wartling Parish Council
  • Patrick Coffey - Heathfield Town Council
  • Diane Ward - Uckfield Town Council
  • Kay Moss - Crowborough Town Council
  • Martin Cooper - Willingdon & Jevington Parish Council
  • Mike Garner - Arlington Parish Council
  • Deveda Redman - Mayfield & Five Ashes Parish Council
  • Kay Moss - Maresfield Parish Council
  • Penny Strudwick - Hellingly Parish COuncil
  • Joanna Dix - Hooe Parish Council

Contact the WDALC Management Committee