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We want people in Wealden's communities to have the opportunity to enjoy a good quality of life through:

  • Access to services
  • Healthy lifestyles
  • Access to good health care
  • Affordable housing
  • Skills and employability
  • Increasing connectivity
  • Effective community leadership and representation
  • Keeping communities safe

We would like to see a good quality of life for our residents and communities;

We aim to:

  • Help build stronger more self-reliant communities
  • Work with our partners to help Wealden residents become healthier
  • Encourage more people to buy their first home
  • Improve access to affordable housing for local people
  • Build additional Council homes
  • Work with private landlords to provide extra accommodation and prevent more households from becoming homeless
  • Continue to ensure households faced with a disability consider their housing options through the county partnership Housing Solutions project
  • Build further extra-care housing to help meet the needs of older people
  • Support local vitality with community grants
  • Support our communities through partnership with the voluntary sector and resident associations
  • Help more people get online in Wealden so that they can save money, connect with family and friends and avoid social isolation
  • Improve access to high speed broadband for Wealden people, working with East Sussex County Council to deliver it
  • Work with Sussex Police to keep crime low
  • Work with East Sussex County Council to meet the learning needs of local people
  • Ensure work on social inclusion tackles rural isolation

We will:

  • Consider setting up a company to build affordable housing and other regeneration activities
  • Support the Safer Wealden Partnership in efforts to reduce the numbers of people killed or seriously injured on Wealden roads
  • Promote healthier and active lifestyles with our partners Freedom Leisure and explore the potential for a community company to set up a sports park
  • Extend the Council's apprenticeship scheme in partnership with local businesses
  • Promote the 'Pub is the Hub' for vital rural communities
  • Work with East Sussex Fire and Rescue service to support local households at risk from flooding
  • Assist local businesses to ensure food and environmental safety in caring for their customers and wider communities