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Carefully managed spending

We intend to keep public taxes as low as possible for Wealden peoplepie chart showing Wealden District Council's 10.5% share of overall Council Tax

Although Wealden collects the Council Tax, it only kept 10.5% in 2014/15 to deliver its services to the District's communities. The remainder was collected for East Sussex County Council (71.0%), East Sussex Fire Authority (5.0%), Sussex Police & Crime Commissioner (8.5%) as well as parish and town councils (average 5.1%) .

We will:

  • Keep increases in Council Tax as low as possible
  • Increase Council generated income for greater financial independence
  • Make access to our services more convenient and efficient through our 24/7 web portal and Wealden's contact centre
  • Work with contractors to focus results on the needs of local people
  • Support and develop our staff in finding new ways to meet the needs in our communities
  • Help local people find the right service solutions for them
  • Encourage Councillors to develop strong and effective community networks

Where Wealden's funding came from in 2014/15: