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We want people in Wealden’s communities to have the opportunity to enjoy an excellent quality of life through:

  • Active, healthy and fulfilling lifestyles
  • Access to good health care › Safe environments for all ages
  • Positive democratic engagement
  • Strong community leadership
  • Skills that match local opportunities and worthwhile jobs
  • Thriving community clubs, sport, recreation and leisure
  • Good housing local people can afford, in places they want to live

Our plan to achieve this...

1. Meet local needs in our housing market particularly for first time buyers and elder people seeking to downsize

2. Build and maintain more council homes to a high standard, and help people who are, or are likely to become homeless

3. Work in partnership to develop an overall approach for advice and guidance on health, skills, jobs and benefits
4. Support initiatives to address changing health needs across the District, including work on dementia and social isolation
5. Seek opportunities to invest in more modern GP surgeries and local health hubs in Wealden
6. Work with partners to reduce harm from substance misuse, poor mental health and the impact of poverty on diet and exercise
7. Help local people feel safe, creating a secure public realm and reducing
anti-social behaviour in partnership with Sussex Police and other agencies
8. Promote digital inclusion and good access to mobile and broadband networks
9. Design new development to protect our communities from environmental contamination, poor air quality and noise
10. Encourage and promote better leisure, sporting and recreational facilities across the District