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Sound Business Management

Wealden will continue to be a well-run Council, well thought of and respected by our residents, peers and partners.

We will:

  • Provide the range of good quality services that people expect, and offer excellent value for money
  • Deliver key projects that enhance quality of life and wellbeing across Wealden, thoughtfully generating reasonable income streams in line with our Commercial Strategy to achieve a financially stable and self-sufficient council
  • Maintain our measured, professional approach to managing the Council’s finance and investments, and continue to develop our enterprise culture for the benefit of the District as a whole
  • Deliver more by working with partners continue to extend our use of technology, minimise transaction costs and sustain customer satisfaction

How we plan to achieve this:

1. Pursue income generation opportunities to offset the withdrawal of central government funding and maintain valued services
2. Robust governance for our commercial projects to ensure clarity of roles and responsibilities
3. Include community value in our approach to return on investment
4. Optimise access to services online 24/7, reducing the costs of delivery and maintaining support for people who need it most
5. Keep Council Tax as low as possible
6. Insights from the behavioural sciences to improve income collection rates
7. Support local businesses by maximising local procurement and fair business rate relief
8. Continue to enhance the Council’s online services, researching and implementing options like Voice and Artificial Intelligence
9. Ensure efficient, effective service delivery for waste, planning, building control, housing, environmental health, benefits and council tax collection
10. Provide open, transparent and timely performance data to demonstrate our accountability to our stakeholders