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Vision 2019 -23

Shaping Wealden as a District which offers a fulfilling and worthwhile quality of life for our residents, a thriving and prosperous place for businesses where local people and visitors can enjoy the outstanding beauty and heritage of our landscape and environment.
We will continue to chart a course for the District founded on lean, efficient principles, based on sound business management with a considered approach to investment and income generation. In a post- Brexit UK, the Council will play its part in achieving strong, self-reliant and vibrant conditions for the wellbeing of our residents, our businesses and our environment.

We will continue to work with our partners to support Wealden’s communities, environment and economy with:

  •  Engaged, resilient, active communities
  • Access to suitable housing, local jobs, services, facilities, leisure and recreational opportunities
  • Sustainable economic growth
  • Sound business management
We aim to:

1. Protect and enhance Wealden’s high quality natural environment and heritage
2. Promote a better quality of life for Wealden people through activities that improve health, resilience and well-being
3. Improve access to essential services for all our communities
4. Ensure development meets future needs, with associated investment in infrastructure 5. Take advantage of opportunities to promote new, cleaner technologies
6. Work with partners to regenerate our diverse market towns, creating jobs and attracting investment
7. Support our local businesses and entrepreneurs to achieve a locally sustainable economy
8. Generate ongoing sources of income to reinvest in local priorities and optimise funding from external sources