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The Council's Objectives

Enhancing our surroundings

The quality of the surroundings of Wealden's communities are what make the district a great place to live and work in. The Council aims to keep it that way. We are therefore focused on:

  • planning for a sustainable environment for the future
  • working with the Local Enterprise Partnership to bring investment into the district
  • encouraging social housing for rent and sale
  • lobbying for high speed broadband
  • encouraging the production of renewable energy
  • promoting and encouraging sustainable tourism
  • strengthening transport infrastructure

Maintaining the quality of life

To maintain the quality of life enjoyed by residents, workers in the district and visitors we are:

  • bringing communities together with the Wealden Strategic Partnership and our town and parish councils
  • re-establishing the Council as a leader in waste reduction and recycling
  • considering the effects of climate change in all we do
  • helping to minimise crime and the perception of crime
  • promoting a fit and healthy society
  • encouraging volunteers in the district

Ensuring value for money

To reduce expenditure by a further £2.9 million by 2014/15 we are:

  • implementing our Transformation Programme to prioritise the services we provide and improve the efficiency of the Council
  • working from a single headquarters building since Summer 2012
  • developing a range of shared services with partner organisations
  • enhancing savings through improved commissioning

Our about the Council page explains how these objectives relate to our vision, strategic plans and services, and, how we ensure they are delivered. The page also links to information about how we engage with local people and partner organisations across Sussex.