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Forthcoming Elections

This page provides details of elections which are due to be held over the next few years.

Elections 2019

District and Parish Council elections are due to be held on Thursday 2 May 2019. 

No Nominations were received for the following Parish Ward areas


Key dates in the election timetable are as follows:



Key Election Timetable


Election Deadlines

 Notice of Election Monday 18 March 2019  
 Candidate Nominations Open  10.00am Tuesday 19 March 2019 
 Candidate Nominations Close    4.00pm Wednesday 3 April 2019
 Deadline to withdraw nominations   4.00pm Wednesday 3 April 2019 
 Deadline for the notification of appointment of election agent (District election only)    4.00pm Wednesday 3 April 2019 
 Publication of Statement of Persons Nominated   4.00pm Thursday 4 April   2019  

1st batch of Postal Votes issued via Royal Mail

(For postal vote applications received up to 31/3/19) 
 Thursday 11 April 2019 
 Deadline for applications to register to vote at this election   Friday 12 April 2019 
 Deadline for new postal vote and postal proxy applications   5.00pm Monday 15 April 2019 
 Deadline for changes to existing postal or proxy votes   5.00pm Monday 15 April 2019

2nd batch of Postal Votes issued via Royal Mail

(For postal vote applications received between 1/4/19 to 15/4/19) 
 Thursday 18 April 2019 
 Publication of Notice of Poll   Wednesday 24 April 2019 
 Deadline for new proxy vote applications   5.00pm Wednesday 24 April 2019 
 Deadline for notification of appointment of polling and counting agents   Thursday 25 April 2019 
 First date that electors can apply for replacement lost postal votes   Friday 26 April 2019 

Boundary Changes

All District Council and Parish Council seats will fall vacant on 2 May 2019.    However, there are new District Ward boundaries for these elections and some of the Parish warding arrangements have also changed. There is a reduction in the number of District Council seats from 55 to 45. These 45 District seats are across 41 Wards.  Further information on the review can be obtained from the Local Government Boundary Commission for England website (external link).

View The Wealden (Electoral Changes) Order 2016 (external link) 

 Electoral Commission Guidance for candidates


Elections 2020

  • Police & Crime Commissioner Election - 7 May 2020

Elections 2021

  • East Sussex County Council Elections - 6 May 2021

Elections 2022

  • Parliamentary General Election - date to be determined

Elections 2023

  • District Council Elections - 4 May 2023
  • Parish council Elections - 4 May 2023

Elections 2024

  • Police & Crime Commissioner Election - 2 May 2024

Elections 2025

  • East Sussex County Council - 1 May 2025

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