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Quiz submitter for MyAlerts

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Welcome to the quiz maker for MyAlerts. Follow the steps ahead to create a quiz.

When you are ready to continue press the 'Start' button below.

First, please enter the title for your quiz.

Please enter the messages to show at the end based on what percentage of the quiz the user got correct.

To add in the score the user got add '{score}'. To add the total number of questions in the quiz add '{total}'. To add the percentage the user got correct add '{percent}'

Example: Putting "I just got {score} out of {total}. Thats {percent}. I need to improve!" in the less than 33% box will make the end text "I just got 1 out of 5. Thats 20%. I need to improve!" if the user were to get less than 33% correct.

Here you can add questions to your quiz simply fill in the boxes below. Remeber to include 'http://' or 'https://' before links to images and image creators otherwise the links won't work!

If you would like text to be added to a explanation text you can tell us when you submit your quiz to us.

To add more questions click the 'Add another question' button and to remove one click the 'Remove last question' button

And that's it! You have created your quiz. We recommend that you click the test button below to check everything is how you want it. If it's not click the back button to change your quiz.

When you have tested your quiz click the 'Generate Quiz' button below to generate your quiz. A bar should appear allowing you to download a file. Save this file to somewhere you will remember and then email it to webmaster@wealden.gov.uk. In this email tell us about any links you want in the explanation text and we will do the rest for you.

You are currently in test mode. This shows a preview of what your quiz will look like when it is published.

Some elements may not display correctly and some functionality is disabled.

To return to the quiz maker click the button below the quiz preview