Welcome to Environment

Two-thirds of the Wealden district are covered by the High Weald and Sussex Downs Areas of Outstanding Natural Beauty. We also have 34 conservation areas and over 2,500 listed buildings. We therefore place a high value on protecting our environment.

In this section you can find a range of pages regarding the environment, including information on sustainability and climate change, pollution, trees and hedgerows and beaches.


Wealden District Council is the local agency that is responsible for dealing with pollution incidents. We will do our best to protect you from any unreasonable disturbance and will provide help and advice about statutory nuisance problems.

Climate Change and Sustainability

We wish to promote sustainable prosperity for everyone in Wealden.  While doing this we must also respect the limits of our environment and resources and ensure that they are maintained for the benefit and enjoyment of future generations.  This section provides information about how we are trying to achieve our aim.

Trees and Hedgerows

The Planning Act recognises the amenity value of trees, and may protect them by legislation whether or not they are growing on a potential development site. This section provides advice regarding the protection of trees and hedgerows in Wealden.

Street Care and Cleaning

Wealden District Council deals with the following areas of street care: