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Grass Cutting

What Areas We Cut

Wealden District Council is only responsible for cutting the grass on land the Council owns. This includes our own car parks, amenity areas within our own council estates and the grounds of our sheltered dwellings. All verges along the roadside are the responsibility of East Sussex County Council; Urban Highways are cut six times a year and the Rural Highways just twice. Parks and Recreational Areas are the responsibility of the relevant Town or Parish Council.

Frequency of Cutting

The grass cutting season runs from late March until October. The frequency of cutting depends on the area and type of land. There are four types of cutting:

  • Rough Grass Cutting. These areas should receive six cuts per season at approximately five week intervals.
  • Amenity Area Grass Cutting These areas should receive nine cuts per season at approximately three week intervals.
  • Quality Grass Cutting These areas should receive 13 cuts per season at approximately two week intervals.
  • Fine Grass Cutting These areas should receive 26 cuts per season, one per week and the grass will be removed after the first cut of the season only.

However, we are of course restricted by the elements and some cuttings may not run to schedule in times of heavy rainfall. This is because taking mowers onto very wet land can create mess and damage the grass.

Unfortunately, It is not possible to cut the grass more often as there is only a limited amount of funding set aside for grass cutting.

Removal of Grass

Cut grass is only removed once per season from areas receiving Fine Grass Cutting. In all other instances the grass will be left behind but our operatives ensure that the pavements are blown clear before they leave the site.

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