Welcome to Health, Community and Advice

In this section, you can find information on matters that affect your community, including community safety, information for young people and grant funding. You can also find out how the Council aims to promote health in Wealden, including our Health Matters section and information on Food Safety.

Town and Parish Councils

Over the years Town and Parish Councils have become the first port of call for many Wealden residents seeking help and advice.

Pest Control Advice and Information

To help you if you are on a low income. Answering lots of questions including who can claim, how to claim, how to apply & how will the benefit be paid?

Food Safety

We aim to protect people by improving the hygiene and safety of food businesses, improve the safety of the food people eat and provide consumers with a trusted source of advice and information.

Recession Advice

Wealden's recession web pages aim to provide you with an easy guide to the help that Wealden can offer, whether you are a family finding it difficult to make ends meet, someone facing homelessness or a small business facing mounting financial difficulties.

Community Safety

Wealden is a safe place to live with one of the lowest crime rates in the country and we want to keep it that way. Achieving this is no longer the responsibility of a single agency, i.e. the Police.

Animal Welfare and Advice

Our Animal Services Licensing Officer gives advice on keeping our pets safe and well, preventing our dogs from becoming a nuisance to others and living in harmony with wild birds.