Wealden District Council

Housing Register - Applying for Social Housing through the Council

The Council manage just over 3,100 homes. However, because the demand for homes is greater than the supply, we run a Housing Register. If you are eligible, you can apply to be put on the waiting list. 

It takes around four weeks to register a new application for housing.

How to Apply

To join our Housing Register, you must meet our eligibility criteria. Use our housing eligibility tool  to find out if you might be eligible.

Who can join the Housing Register - Eligibility

The Housing Register is open to anyone over the age of 16 who is eligible.  However, permanent tenancies are usually only offered to people over 18. 

Most applicants will be eligible to join the register, but there are some exceptions.  The following will not be eligible to join the register:-

  • Home owners or owners of land or other property with sufficient equity to be able to secure suitable alternative accommodation
  • Applicants living outside of the UK
  • Applicants, including transfer applicants, with a combined household income of £30,500 per year
  • Applicants, including transfer applicants, with savings or assets, in excess of £6,000
  • Applicants with no local connection to the Wealden District
  • Applicants or a member of their household who has or had significant rent arrears with a private or social landlord
  • Applicants who owe money to Wealden District Council for unpaid rent and deposit in advance loans, deposit guarantee pay outs or cost for repairs and reimbursements incurred during or after holding a former council tenancy
  • Transfer applicants whose property is found to have damage or disrepair which is the responsibility of the tenant to rectify
  • An applicant or a member of their household who has been identified as being involved in anti-social behaviour
  • Applicants who have been requested to attend "tenant training" courses but failed to attend

Section 2 of our Allocations Policy 2015 (pdf) includes further details of people who will not be eligible.

If you apply, but you do not qualify, you will receive a letter explaining the reason and have the right to request a review of the decision.

Access to your information

You can request information about how your application is being treated and whether you are receiving reasonable preference.  You can ask for information that may help you assess if and when suitable accommodation may be available.  You can also ask to see personal information from your case file.

What happens if your application is successful - Housing Needs Assessment

If you're accepted onto the housing register, we will carry out an initial housing needs assessment, based on the information on your registration form and any other relevant information.

Where appropriate, the medical priority of the housing applicant and those to be re-housed with them is assessed by the Council's Medical Adviser.

For more information on the properties available in Wealden and what vacancies arise:

Allocation of Homes - Priority Banding and Bedroom Categories

Once you have been assessed, you will be put into a priority banding and bedroom category according to our Allocations Policy.

Bidding for Homes

Once you are on the housing register and have been allocated a priority banding and bedroom category you can bid for homes through Sussex Homemove.

New Build Affordable Homes

Find out about new homes being developed in Wealden.

Contact the Housing Options Team