What can the Council do to help local businesses?

Media Release : 16 February 2012

Should Wealden District Council be doing moreā€¦or less when it comes to local businesses? We're asking local businesses for their views

AWealden Business Breakfast presentation

The Council's newly-formed Business Focus Group has launched a questionnaire asking all businesses in the District whether they would like the Council to provide more help when it comes to business rates, planning, improved communications or other functions - or a lighter touch. The aim is to find out what is best for business.

The Business Focus Group working on behalf of Wealden District Council has been set up by Cllr Roy Galley, Cabinet Member for Planning and Development and is chaired by Cllr Nick Collinson.

"If you have any dealings with the Council in your professional life, I would urge you to complete the brief questionnaire on the Wealden Business Help website", said Cllr Galley, Cabinet Member for Planning and Development. "The answers you give as a businesses will help our Business Focus Group and me to formulate recommendations to Cabinet regarding future business support."

The Business Survey can be found on the Wealden Business Help website (external link). You can take part until 1 April 2012.   We are also looking to find out about good practices elsewhere that the Council could follow.

"We will do what we can to make Wealden a better place to do business in these difficult times," said Cllr Nick Collinson, Chair of the Wealden Business Focus Group, "Please can you help?"