Composting - everyone is doing it!

Media Release : 28 April 2010

More Wealden residents than ever before are composting their garden and vegetable waste.

As part of Wealden's roll-out of kerbside recycling in rural areas, 641 more households joined the ranks of home composters this spring by purchasing a Green Johanna Food Waste Digester as part of a special discount scheme organised by Wealden District Council.

They join the thousands more who are already composting their own green waste, reducing landfill and gaining home-grown garden nutrients in the bargain.

But that is just part of the story.  More and more  green waste and cardboard is now being collected through Wealden's Crown and Crown Caddy recycling schemes. This is then broken down into a soil enhancer by our recycling partner KPS at their Isfield Composting Facility.

As part of Compost Awareness Week,  KPS Composting will be opening the doors of the Composting Facility at Isfield Road, Isfield, East Sussex TN22 5JJ  to the public on Saturday 8 May between 9am and 1pm.  Wealden residents are invited to bring a bag to fill up with free soil enhancer for their gardens (one bag per car). Site tours will be organised by the staff to give an insight into what happens to the green waste collected by Wealden District Council, and explaining how this waste is turned into a useful recycled product. You don't have your own bag, you  can purchase soil enhancer bags for £1 a bag - it is usually £3.50 at garden centres.

There will also be the opportunity to learn more about home composting from the East Sussex Compost Doctors, and hear about the expansion of the new kerbside recycling scheme.

"The expansion of kerbside recycling to every home in the district means more and more green waste is being turning into compost  to provide valuable nutrients for gardens and growers. And not  dumped in land fill sites where it produces methane gas," said Councillor Sylvia Tidy, Cabinet Member for Environmental Services. "It is making a real difference to our environment."

 Compost Awareness Week runs from 2 to 8 May. During this week there will be recycling displays in the Atrium at Wealden's District Council's Pine Grove offices and in the reception area at the Council's Vicarage Lane Offices in Hailsham.

If you have any questions about home recycling or the expansion of kerbside recycling in Wealden, please get in touch with the Council's waste management team on 01892 602626.  Or visit the Wealden web site .