Proposed Submission for the Core Strategy

News : 25 February 2011

Please note correction and typographical clarification

It has come to the Council's attention that the wording of Policy WCS6 regarding Rural Areas Strategy, as agreed by Full Council on 8th December 2010, has not been fully repeated in the published Proposed Submission Core Strategy.

In order to ensure that representations can be made, the Council has published an Errata on 24th February 2011 in order to provide the correct wording of Policy WCS6 Rural Areas Strategy, and to clarify a typographical error in relation to the Heathfield Map on the Key Diagram.

You will need to read the Errata to the Proposed Submission Core Strategy Development Plan Document to view the changes to the Proposed Submission Core Strategy. The Proposed Submission Core Strategy and the online consultation portal, has not been changed with the amended wording.

Therefore, the period of representations on the Proposed Submission Core Strategy, including the Errata, has been extended until Monday 18 April 2011.

Reference copies of the Proposed Submission Core Strategy, the Errata to the Proposed Submission Core Strategy and other related Proposed Submission documents, representation forms and guidance notes will be available for public inspection at all deposit points listed within the 'Statement of Availability' from Monday 7 March 2011 to Monday 18 April 2011.

We will be writing to everyone who has been involved in the representations process to make them aware of the situation.

Wealden's Core Strategy is the Council's key overarching Planning Policy document that will guide the amount and location of growth within the District for the period to 2030.

Our proposed Strategy has been produced following extensive consultation with a wide range of stakeholders and is supported by a number of detailed technical evidence studies and background papers. Wealden wishes to retain its rural character and high quality environment whilst also providing much needed housing, improving the performance of our economy, regenerating our market towns and providing a more vital future for villages. The strategy now published has carefully weighed all of these factors and represents a careful balance between meeting our future needs and our capacity to accommodate growth.

Wealden District Council's Proposed Submission Core Strategy Development Plan Document (DPD) is published under Regulation 27 (The Town and Country Planning (Local Development) (England) Regulations 2004, as amended) so that representations can be made prior to its submission to the Secretary of State later this year. All representations received will be considered alongside the submitted document, which will be examined by an independent Planning Inspector.

For further information or to submit your representation please see the Proposed Submission Core Strategy Representations 2011 web page.

You can make your representations online on this web site . To make representations in this way you will need to register your details and/or log in. You will then be able to make comments on each paragraph, strategic planning objective, policy and the vision contained within the document.

If you, or somebody you know, would like the information contained in the linked documents in large print, Braille, tape, CD or in another language please contact Wealden District Council on 01323 443322 or email