Recycling unwanted shoes at Pine Grove

News : 25 April 2012

You can now take your unwanted shoes and boots to the Atrium at Pine Grove, Crowborough, to get them recycled

Shoe recyling bin at Pine Grove

Tired of torn trainers or had enough of those old heels?

Now you can bring your old pairs of shoes and boots into work to recycle. We have just installed a new shoe recycling bin in the Atrium of the Council Offices at Pine Grove.

The United Shoe Recycling Company collects unwanted shoes and sends them abroad for reuse to meet the demand for urgently needed footwear for those who need it most.

In addition to helping those most in need, a proportion of funds raised can be donated to charity.

More than 300 million shoes are bought in the UK each year and most are thrown away to rot in landfill when they could be reused. So, not only is shoe recycling good for the planet, it's also good for your sole!