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News : 25 February 2013

All Wealden households should register by 31 MARCH if they want to continue to receive a free Green Garden Waste Collection Service after July 2013.

Register by 31st March 2013 to continue receiving the free Green Garden Waste Collection after July 2013

In July we will be improving our kerbside recycling services to include glass and a wider range of plastics. As part of the changes you will need to register if you want to continue your free Green Garden Waste collection for lawn mowings, hedge trimmings and weeds because we will need to deliver a new brown wheeled bin to your home in time for the service changes.

From the end of July, the wheeled bin you currently use for green waste and cardboard will become the bin for mixed recycling. It will be used for plastics, cans, beverage cartons, aerosols, aluminium foil, paper and cardboard.

Do you need a new green garden waste bin?
If you currently only use your green waste bin for cardboard because you have a small garden, or compost your garden waste, you will not need to register for an extra wheeled bin.

The new brown wheelie bin for green garden waste will be available in two sizes: 240 litres - the same size as your current wheeled bins; or a smaller, narrower 140 litre size (106cm x 48cm x 55cm). Please state which size you want when registering.

If you fail to register for your free Garden Waste Collection Service by 31 March 2013, you can still opt into this service but may have to wait several months for your green garden waste collections to resume after July 2013.

Register online now by completing the simple registration form.

Find out more about the changes to the Green Waste Collection and the Joint Waste Contract.