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Use e-Citizen Self-Service to view information about your personal accounts with the Council.

You only need to register as an e-Citizen once and then enter PIN(s) for each service that you require.

The e-Citizen Self-Service system enables you to view a variety of information regarding your personal accounts with Wealden District Council:

Council Tax and Business Rates customers can view;

  • How your Council Tax and/or Business Rates were calculated
  • Payments you have made 
  • Balance(s) outstanding
  • Current instalments due
  • Correspondence we have sent to you
  • Find a Rateable Value or Council Tax Band for a property in the Wealden area

Housing and Council Tax Benefit customers can view ;

  • Your current Housing and/or Council Tax Benefit entitlement
  • Previous Housing and/or Council Tax Benefit entitlement
  • Housing and/or Council Tax Benefit calculation
  • Household members and income used to calculate Housing and/or Council Tax Benefit
  • Overpaid Housing Benefit including outstanding invoices
  • Correspondence we have sent you

If you are a landlord and we pay Housing Benefit directly to you for your tenant, you can check your tenant’s entitlement and details of payments that have been sent or are going to be sent to you.

You don't need to log in or register for e-Citizen to:

  • Search for a Business Rates Rateable Value in Wealden
  • Search for a Council Tax band


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This service is provided by Financial Services. Please contact benefits@wealden.gov.uk for further information.