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Welcome to our directory of Tasks and Online Services. All 'Have your say' tasks are listed below.

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All 'Have your say' Tasks and Online Services

Add an Event to the Wealden Events Listing

You can use this facility to submit your own event to the listingĀ of events held in and around the Wealden District.

Ask the Leader a question

Ask the Leader of the Council a question and view previous questions and answers.

Comment on a planning application

You can use this facility to search for, then comment on a planning application.

Comment on the development of strategic sites in Wealden (external link)

Residents and businesses have six weeks, starting from Monday 17 June, to make their views known the proposed policy.

Contact the Council

You can use this facility to see the ways you can contact the Council.

Give us a Compliment

Use this form to give the Council a compliment about an experience you've had or a service that we provide.

Give us Your Feedback on our Website

Use this form to make any comments you have regarding our website.

Give us Your Feedback on Procurement

Use this form to give us your comments regarding the procurement section of this website.

Join a resident involvement group

Get involved with a resident group to work with the Council to improve and monitor delivery of services and ensure value for money.

Make a Complaint

Use this online form if you wish to make a complaint about the Council.

Make a Complaint About a Councillor

Use this online form to report a breach of the Code of Conduct by a District Member, Parish or Town Councillor.

Register to vote

Find out how to get on the Electoral Roll to enable you to vote in elections.

Take Part in a consultation

Find out about consultations that you can take part in by searching the Wealden Consultation Directory.

Take part in Housing Consultations

View current Housing consultations so you can take part and have your say.

Tell us Your Comments and Suggestions

Use this form if you would like to make any comments or suggestions regarding the Council.