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Housing Benefit 

You can claim Housing Benefit if you are on a low income and pay rent. If you make a new claim, your benefit will be based on the Local Housing Allowance for the area you live in if you rent privately

Council Tax Support

You can claim Council Tax Reduction if you are on a low income and pay Council tax. If you are entitled, your council tax bill will be reduced.

Payment Dates for Housing Benefit

A list of the 4 weekly Housing Benefit payment dates.

Reporting Benefit Fraud   

How you can help to stop Benefit fraud.

Council Tax Discounts and Property Exemptions   

There are a number of discounts that can reduce your Council Tax which are separate from Council Tax Support.  Discounts are based on the circumstances of people living in the property for example single person discount. Exemptions are based on the property for example if the property is empty an exemption could apply. Some exemptions from council tax are based on who lives in the property for example, members of a religious order.

It is important that you tell us about any changes in your situation for example changes to your income, capital, rent and the people living with you. 

Make a Benefit Claim

Find out if you might be entitled to Housing Benefit and or Council Tax Support.

Please note: the calculator will give you an indication as to how much you could receive. Your actual entitlement will only be known when your claim has been worked out by the Benefits Service. 

Other Benefits you can claim

There are other benefits that you can claim that can help if you are unemployed, disabled or on a low income.

Contact the Benefits Team