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Figures for Processing times,Welfare reform and Discretionary Housing payments

Details and figures about Processing times, Welfare reform and Discretionary Housing Payment (DHP). 

Processing times

We monitor the number of days it takes us to tell a customer about their new entitlement (New claims) and how their benefit is affected due to changes the have told us about (Change in circumstances).

Our aim is to process New claims is 23 days

  • We are currently processing New claims in 26 days

Our aim is to process Change in Circumstances is 9 days

  • We are currently processing Changes in circumstances in 16 days

Our Benefits Performance data(pdf) shows the figures for the last year.

Social Sector size criteria

Welfare reforms brought in 2 significant changes to Housing Benefit from April 2013.  We have listed the number of customer affected by each change in the last year.  Figures back to April 2013 are given on the Housing Benefit welfare reform data (pdf).

The first was Social sector size criteria and the second was the Benefit cap.

Resident considered to be under-occupying their home by one bedroom have a 14 % reduction in the rent we use to work out their Housing Benefit.

Residents considered to be under-occupying their home by 2 or more bedrooms have a 25 % deduction in the rent we use to work out their Housing Benefit. 

Social Sector size criteria
Month    Total number of claims affected in Wealden Under-occupying by 1 room 14% reduction Under-occupying by 2 or more rooms 25% reduction

 Sept 2017

 271  223  48
 June 2017  270


 Mar 2017  279  231  48

Dec 2016

288 240 48
Benefits Cap
Month Number of Cases
 September 2017  78 cases
 June 2017  89 cases 
 March 2017

 90 cases

 December 2016  108 cases
Discretionary Housing Payment
Year   Government contribution Total spend Number of claims received Number of successful claims Number of processing days
£150,570.00 TBC 403 309 55.83
£111,433.32 £111,433.32   358 291 unavailable
£188,024.44 £188,024.44   499 359 unavailable
£177,594.00 £193,647.21   508 348 unavailable