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Discount for disabled adaptations


What if I am disabled and my property has been altered to meet my needs?


Having a disability does not automatically mean that you will get a discount in your council tax. We can grant a discount if a property has been altered to meet the needs of a disabled person. Adaptations that could qualify for a discount include having:

  • a room other than a bathroom, kitchen or toilet which is specifically for the disabled person.
  • an additional bathroom or kitchen that is used by the disabled person.
  • space indoors for using a wheelchair

However adaptations such as putting in a stair lift, grip rails or ramps will not necessarily mean that we can grant a discount. Please ask us for advice.

We will need to arrange a convenient time to visit the property to confirm whether the discount can be granted.

The discount will last until the disabled person no longer lives at the property, or the adaptations have been removed.

If you think that you might be entitled to this discount please print a disabled adaption discount application form (pdf) and send it to us. Alternatively you can phone us and we will go through an application with you. Please have your account reference with you when you contact us. This is found on the top right of your bill.

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