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Instalments on your bill


I have received a bill from you, but it doesn't have 10 instalments on it.


When we send you a bill at the start of the financial year we must give you 10 instalments to pay your council tax, from April to January.  If you register for council tax after 1st April, the number of instalments we can give you may be less than 10, because we have fewer months left in the year to collect the charge. 

However you may find that your new bill has instalments spread through to February and perhaps even March, instead of finishing in January.  But this really depends on when you move in the year.

The same thing could happen if you had a change in your circumstances. For example, if you started the financial year with discount on your bill. Then your circumstances changed and we had to cancel it. There would be a new calculation of your charge, so we would send you a new bill with new instalments. And you may find that that your new instalments end after January.

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