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Understanding your bill


I have received a bill from you and I don't understand it


The content of your bill is explained below:

Date of issue

This is the date that your bill was produced

Account reference

This is your unique council tax account reference number. You must give us this number when you want to speak to us about your bill, or when you want to make a payment.

Name and address

This is the name and address of the person that we are asking to pay the council tax. In most cases this will also be the address that the council tax bill is for. But, if the bill is for a different address it will appear in the second box on the right hand side.

Council tax charge

This shows you the amount of council tax that you will need to pay from 1 April to 31 March.

Your Council tax band

The Valuation Office Agency calculates the band for your property and the amount that you pay us will depend on what band your property is in.

Council tax collected on behalf of your County Council, Fire and Police Authorities and your District and Town/Parish Councils

Although you pay your council tax to us, we do not keep all of the money. The total amount that you pay is split between five different authorities that all provide different services in your area. You can see here how much council tax goes to each authority and how much your council tax has changed from the previous year.

Method of payment

This will tell you how we are expecting to receive payments from you. Please remember that you can change your method of payment whenever you like.

Your payments

Council tax is normally paid in 10 instalments from April to January. These two columns show you the date that the payment is due and the amount that you need to pay. You can pay in 12 instalments from April to March. If you would like this option, you will need to write to us, or send us an email.

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