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Climate Change Guide

This guide aims to give examples of what Wealden is doing to limit climate change and to act in more sustainable ways, it also gives advice for individuals and homes on what you can do to make a difference. Most of the tips start with small easy things you can do, progressing to more involved steps. There is also a quick guide which provides a summary of the basics, but hopefully as you make small changes you will come back and want to find out more.

Action on Climate Change: Quick Guide

Action on Climate Change: Corporate Procurement and Shopping

Examples of how Wealden is using green procurement, and how your shopping can help reduce climate change.

Action on Climate Change: Energy

What Wealden is doing to reduce energy use and to use green energy, and advice for individuals and homes.

Action on Climate Change: Food

What Wealden is doing to support local farmers, and how you can reduce the your ‘food miles’.

Action on Climate Change: Sustainable Buildings and Housing

What changes Wealden is making to its Council owned housing to reduce climate change, and what you can do.

What is Microgeneration?

How sun, wind, water and other renewable resources can help power your home. Transport Examples of what Wealden is doing with regard to transport, and ideas on what individuals can do.

Action on Climate Change: Planning

What Wealden is doing in planning to protect the environment.

Action on Climate Change: Waste

Examples of what Wealden is doing to help reduce waste and encourage recycling, and what you can do to reduce, reuse and recycle.

Action on Climate Change: Water

How Wealden is reducing water use, and ideas on how you can save water.

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We would like to thank Lewes District Council for their support on our sustainability work.