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Action on Climate Change: Corporate Procurement and Shopping

One of the best ways to reduce the amount of waste you produce is not to buy it in the first place. Buying in bulk reduces the need for packaging and avoiding products that are badly packaged will help too. You can also reduce your energy costs and carbon dioxide emissions by looking at the appliances you purchase and ensuring they are efficient.

Examples of what Wealden is doing

  • Including sustainability issues in all procurement processes. The corporate procurement strategy includes sustainability in all procurement processes, you can find out more about  and the corporate Procurement Strategy (pdf).
  • We have a green purchasing guide Our green purchasing guide aims to help reduce waste by ensuring sustainability is considered by Council members and employees when purchasing. This includes making eco-friendly purchases, looking at durability and the life of products, and encouraging suppliers to use less packaging. In 2006/07 this is being updated.

What you can do

  • When buying appliances make sure they are energy efficient. Look for the energy saving recommended logo. Appliances that are energy efficient will help save you money and help the environment too. The Energy saving trusthas an appliance search tool. Also look out for the EU Energy Label.
  • Look into further ways to reduce waste from how you shop