Wealden District Council

Action on Climate Change: Food

What Wealden is doing to support local farmers, and how you can reduce the miles your food travels the distance your food travels from production to plate.

Examples of what Wealden is doing

  • Promoting local farmers markets Encouraging people to shop at local farmers markets helps the local economy, reduces food miles, and allows better accountability of produce, it can also reduce waste compared to buying packaged food from supermarkets. You can see the farmers market page here, there is also a facility to search for local producers.
  • Controlling pollution The Council has responsibilities regarding pollution and has a and guide. Wealden is also involved in monitoring and can investigate and advise on issues such as private sewers and drains, private treatments plants and sceptic tanks. This is important, as uncontrolled pollution risks entering the food chain and causing health problems. If you have concerns about water pollution contact us on 01323 443555 or email envhealth@rother.gov.uk

What you can do

  • Shop at local farmers markets, not only will this support local farmers and businesses but it will reduce your food miles the distance that your food has travelled.
  • Use a local organic vegetable box scheme Using a local organic vegetable box scheme is good for the local economy, and reduces the distance your food travels and the carbon dioxide of transporting it. Organic food is also better for the environment as no harmful chemicals are used during farming, helping to promote native wildlife.
  • Buy seasonal food This reduces the need for food to be imported and helps to support local farmers. For seasonal recipe ideas try the BBC Food Website.
  • Buy fair-trade Fair trade food provides better prices for producers allowing producers to improve their living conditions and sustainability.
  • Grow your own vegetables In the garden or allotment meaning the lowest possible food miles and allowing you to enjoy freshly picked vegetables for a bit of effort.