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Action on Climate Change: Transport

Examples of what Wealden is doing with regard to transport, and ideas on what you can do.

Examples of what Wealden is doing

  • Refuse vehicles exceed European standards on emissions.
  • Refuse rounds scheduled for efficiency Rounds are setup for maximum efficiency reducing emissions and saving fuel costs.
  • Wealden Car Lease Scheme for Officers limited by carbon dioxide emissions The Wealden Car Lease Scheme is now limited by carbon dioxide emission rather than engine size, encouraging users to choose models with less carbon dioxide emissions.
  • Examined the use of Biofuels in the municipal fleet Currently only a 5% mix of biofuel (fuel manufactured from commercially grown crops such as wheat, oil seed rape or sugar beet) could be used in the existing fleet. A higher percentage mix would mean the conversion would outweigh the cost saved on using biofuel, so this is not currently viable. This is a developing area of technology so this may change, or other alternatives may become viable.

What you can do

Air travel

  • Take fewer flights if possible.
  • Avoid short-haul flights where there are alternatives.
  • If you must fly, consider offsetting your carbon dioxide emissions However, planting trees is only a temporary fix and carbon dioxide burnt from fossil fuels is released permanently. For offsetting see CO2balance - Carbon Emissions.

Car travel

  • Decrease the frequency of car journeys Where possible plan ahead so you are not driving unnecessarily.
  • Try to travel when there is less traffic on the road This will help to use less fuel.
  •  When buying a new car check fuel consumption figures.
  • Use driving techniques to lower fuel consumption Driving techniques can also help to lower fuel use, for example watching revs, driving smoothly and planning ahead, and keeping tyres inflated to the correct pressure. Tips from the Energy Saving Trust.
  • Car share Car sharing with colleagues or other parents on the school run, will help share fuel costs and help the environment.
  • Report Abandoned Vehicles. Abandoned cars are an eyesore and can be dangerous. The materials from abandoned cars can be recycled. Wealden District Council will remove abandoned cars.


  • Where possible walk or cycle Most journeys taken are very short so walking or cycling can often replace the car, it is healthier for you and helps reduce emissions.
  • Use public transport where possible A full bus or train is much more environmentally friendly than a single person in a car. Traveline is a web based service that can calculate the best route between points using public transport.