Wealden District Council

Action on Climate Change: Waste

In the South we are rapidly running out of room in landfill sites. Residents already pay for waste disposal through Council Tax. It is likely that as we run out of landfill space, residents will have to pay more for the disposal of waste.

Waste in landfill sites also contributes to climate change. Much of the waste decomposes in the absence of air, creating methane a greenhouse gas 20 times more powerful than carbon dioxide. Waste that does not decompose that is non-biodegradable will stay in the environment for generations.

It therefore makes sense to reduce the amount of packaging we buy with products, to reuse and repair where possible, recycle, and dispose of what is left responsibly.

Examples of what Wealden is doing

  • Limiting our waste through our Green Purchasing Guide Our green purchasing guide aims to help reduce waste by ensuring sustainability is considered by Council members and employees when purchasing. This includes making eco-friendly purchases, looking at durability and the life of products, and encouraging suppliers to use less packaging.
  • We buy recycled paper and recycle all our paper in our offices Council Officers are provided with paper recycling bins rather than standard rubbish bins. A reduced amount of communal rubbish bins are available to discourage waste.
  • Neighbourhood Recycling Points. There are many neighbourhood recycling points within the Wealden District where glass, cans/foil, paper, plastic bottles, textiles, shoes and books can be recycled.

What you can do

  • Avoid producing waste Avoid plastic bags and try to buy products without or with less packaging, think about what you use for example using cotton nappies rather than disposables is better for your baby, can save money, help the environment, and is easier than you think.
  • Mend and repair things where you can rather than just throwing away.
  • If you recycling has been missed contact us at recycling@wealden.gov.uk.
  • Compost kitchen and garden waste Composting can divert about one-third of your household waste from landfill sites where it would otherwise create methane, which has an even greater impact on climate change than carbon dioxide. Composting is clean and easy and Wealden proTake advantage of vides reduced price compost bins reduced price compost bins, food digesters, kitchen composters and wormeries.
  • Dispose responsibly Take advantage of recycling site facilities rather than putting waste into bins which go to landfill. Ensure that batteries, electrical items, and cars are disposed of safely.
  • Buy and sell used goods Used rather than new saves trees, transport and resources, and a lot of money and waste. See Freecycle (which has around 500 members in the Uckfield group). Furniture Now are a reuse, recycle and training charity providing quality low cost furniture in Lewes, Eastbourne and Wealden.