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What is Climate Change?

Climate change is the term used to describe change to our climate and weather that have been caused by the way we live.

When we burn fossil fuels such as coal, oil, and gas to produce energy such as electricity or to drive cars, carbon dioxide is produced. As more carbon dioxide and other greenhouse gases (such as methane) are produced and released into the atmosphere the natural balance of these gases in the atmosphere is altered. More greenhouse gases absorb more heat, warming the earth too much.


  • More extreme weather
    This rise in temperature makes extreme weather more likely such as the floods in Uckfield in 2000 and the drought in summer 2006.
  • Warmer Climate
    As the climate gets warmer there are likely to be effects on water supply, agriculture, wildlife and plants, as well as our health.
  • Sea level rising
    There are other effects from climate change that are predicted. If temperatures continue to rise (which is likely as carbon dioxide remains in the atmosphere for a long time after it is released, and as carbon dioxide levels are still rising) the water in the sea will expand as it gets warmer causing sea level rises. There is also a long term risk of sea level rise as ice sheets in Greenland and Antarctica melt. For Wealden this means a higher risk of flooding at Pevensey Bay and greater erosion of coastal areas such as Birling Gap.