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What is Sustainability?

What is sustainability?

Sustainability is providing for the needs of the current generation without damaging the opportunities for future generations. If we are to live in a sustainable way there are a number of responsibilities such as protecting the natural landscape, resources, and reducing climate change. The term sustainable development incorporates these notions of responsibility but links them to economic development and standards of living on a global scale.

Why does sustainability matter in Wealden?

A MORI Poll conducted on the best places to live in 2005 placed Wealden as the number one district in the South of England. Wealden also came second in the country in the liveability classification. A large part of this is due to the environment and landscape of Wealden, with 60% of the District's 323 square miles designated Areas of Outstanding Natural Beauty (AONBs) from the Ashdown Forest in the North to Birling Gap in the South. If we want to continue to enjoy these landscapes we need to consider the impact of our ways of living and look towards sustainable development.