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Assisted Burials

The Council has a duty to arrange for the burial or cremation of the body of any person found dead in its area where it appears that no other suitable arrangements will be made for the disposal of the deceased. The Council is usually called upon where people have died without family or friends to make the necessary arrangements. The costs incurred may be claimed from the deceased estate.

Due to the frequency of Freedom of Information requests concerning assisted burials, we publish these online. Please visit our Register of Assisted Burials for details.

Private burials on land other than a recognised burial ground or cemetery, such as a domestic garden, are possible providing certain procedures are followed. Contact this office for further information and guidance.

For those interested in Woodland Burials etc. the The Natural Death Centre website (external link) may be of interest.

Exhumations - permission is required from the Home Office (external link)or the Diocese if the remains are to be reinterred in the same church graveyard. As a first step it is advisable to contact your local funeral director (external link).

The Department for Work and Pensions (external link) provides a guide to what to do and the help you can get after a death.

Contact Rother and Wealden Environmental Health Service