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Help with Home Finances and Making Ends Meet

This provides help and advice on how to manage your money, how budgeting can help and what to do if you're in debt.

For many of us, it's difficult trying to make ends meet. If you are facing difficulties, it's best to start looking at your finances now. This is a list of things that you could start with:

  • List all the companies and people you owe money to, how much and who you should pay. First prioritize those debts that can result in imprisonment e.g. Council Tax arrears, Magistrates Court and arrears of child maintenance or TV Licence.
  • Prioritize rent or mortgage payments to prevent homelessness - sometimes it is possible to reduce the amount of mortgage paid if agreement is reached with the lender or Court.
  • List all your income and expenses (pdf).
  • Sort out your priority debts such as mortgage, rent, fuel, food, council tax, income tax.
  • Never ignore letters or phone calls from these organisations. Get in touch with them as early as possible and explain why you are having difficulties.
  • Ask them to agree a repayment plan.
  • Work out how to deal with your non-priority debts. This will depend on whether you have any money left over from dealing with your priority debts and paying for essential expenses like food.
  • Get a check on the benefits that you may be entitled to. 

Dealing With Debt

  • Managing your debts - Wealden Citizens Advice (external link) can help or call 03444 111444.
  • Loan Sharks - Stop Loan Sharks advice document (pdf)
  • Cut your Fuel Bills

    Keeping Warm

    Cut your Food Bills

    Cut your travel costs

    Maximising your income

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