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Getting Involved

Ways To Get Involved

The Housing Service supports tenants and residents to get involved in improving their neighbourhood, and play a part in the decision making processes which affect where they live. From joining a local community group, helping out at a Clear-up day, organising events, attending meetings or sitting on partnership panels, or completing on-line surveys or taking part in Consultations, all residents can choose how and when they want to make a difference.

Resident Involvement

Scrutiny and evaluation

The Housing Service is constantly looking for new ways for tenants to become involved in scrutinizing the way we work, looking at standards, and helping us to improve if things have gone wrong. Often we need different groups of tenants or individuals to look at specific areas of the housing service. If you think you may be interested please contact us using the contact details at the bottom of the page.

Monitoring Services

As a monitor you could feedback on the quality of the services provided by our contractors such as grounds maintenance (grass cutting etc.) or cleaning in communal areas. If you are interested in being finding out more please contact us using the contact details at the bottom of the page.

Join a reading group for our tenant's newsletters

If you have experience in proof reading, on eye for detail or a passion for 'Plain English', you could bring your skills to a reading group, which will give feedback on the layout, presentation and content of the publications, and help make sure that the information is clear and easy to understand. If you are interested in getting involved contact us using the contact details at the bottom of the page.

Attend a walkabout in your area

In partnership with the local Community Groups and other agencies, the Housing Service holds walkabouts on our larger estates with Housing Officers and Estate Wardens. Walkabouts are useful for identifying areas which may be in need of improvements or repairs, or investigate ideas for a community project or scheme.

  • To find out about the next walkabout in your area see our  or contact us using the contact details at the bottom of the page or ask to speak to your .

Get involved in a local Residents' Association or Community Group.

One way to get involved, such as volunteering with or forming a new local Community Association or group. Exiting groups are listed by area, if you cannot find a group in your neighbourhood, please contact us using contact info below to find out how we can help.

Wealden Residents Action Group (WRAG).

The Wealden Residents Action Group covers housing areas across the whole of the Wealden District, and is made up of representatives from local community groups and residents associations. WRAG attends partnership meetings with Council Officers and Councillors, to ensure the priorities of tenants and residents are considered. WRAG also scrutinises the decision making and policies processes and feeds into budget setting and financial planning of the housing service.

Working with Wealden District Council, WRAG have a Tenant Involvement Compact, a partnership agreement which sets out how the two organisations will work together to involve tenants, and gives more information on the different ways to get involved. You can download the Tenant Involvement Compact (pdf)  

WRAG produce a quarterly newsletter called Community News

View previous editions of

For more information about WRAG you can visit  Wealden Residents Action Group (external link)

WRAG hold open meetings every quarter in the Uckfield Civic Centre

If you would like more information, or would like to get involved with the work of WRAG, or have any issues or concerns you feel WRAG should be aware of please email colin@stocksy.org WRAG Secretary

Sheltered Housing Residents Group (SHRG)

The Sheltered Housing Residents Group (SHRG) was formed in 2009 and represents tenants and leaseholders or shared owners living in Wealden District Council's 12 Sheltered Housing Schemes. Residents of each scheme can elect representatives, who attend monthly SHRG meetings, which are held in a different location each month .

SHRG representatives meet with Council Officers and Councillors to discuss any issues affecting Sheltered Housing Residents. The Wealden Sheltered Housing Partnership Agreement was signed in 2012, and sets out how SHRG and the Housing Service will work together to improve the services available to Sheltered Housing Residents. You can view the Wealden Sheltered Housing Partnership Agreement  (pdf)

To find out more about SHRG or to get involved use the contact info below .

Contact the Housing Tenant Team