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Moving On

Details on how you go about ending your tenancy and transferring to another property, exchanging properties and moving to a different part of the country.

Incentives For Under-Occupiers Moving

We recognise that housing needs change and that can mean that properties can become too big. For example - children grow up and leave home which can result in a smaller family occupying a three-bedroom home.

As we have such a demand for family size properties we do offer Incentives for tenants to move to smaller properties. For further information and a leaflet explaining how this cash incentive scheme works contact the Housing Department.

Things To Remember To Do When You Move

There are many things that you must remember to do when you move to another property. Please read the following documents for information on who you need to contact regarding your move.

Please note that if you are moving into retirement living housing you need to read the retirement living document which includes information about TV licensing, water, gas and electricity. For every other type of accommodation use the Moving On Checklist.

Retirement Living

Have you ever considered Housing designed especially for people over 55 / 60 years of age?

Where can I get housing advice from?

The Council provides a housing advice service. The Housing Options team are able advise on a wide range of housing issues including the private rented sector.

Different Types of Tenancy Explained

If you are moving you need to be aware that Housing Associations, The Council & Private Landlords all offer a range of different tenancy types.

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