Wealden District Council

Regulation of Social Landlords

Since April 2012 the regulation of Social Landlords moved from the Tenant Services Authority to a Regulatory Committee within the Homes and Community Agency, bringing some minor amendments to the standards.

Local authorities will now be regulated on four standards not five, as the value for money standard now only applies to housing associations. All of the standards come under two new headings of Consumer or Economic. Local Authorities are not regulated on the economic standards.

Another change made is housing associations are now referred to as private registered providers.

The Economic and Consumer standards are set out below:

Economic standards:

  • Governance and Financial Viability
  • Value for Money
  • Rent

Consumer standards:

  • Tenant Involvement and Empowerment
  • Home
  • Tenancy
  • Neighbourhood and Community

Annual Report To Tenants

We continue to produce our annual report to tenants, which is available to download using the link below. We hope that you find it informative and useful. Please take a look.

  • Tenants Annual Report for 2016-17 (pdf)
  • What are local service offers?

    In addition to the national standards, we are required to work with tenants to produce agreed local service offers. The first set was required by 1st April 2011. These sit below the national standards and are tailored to the needs of the local area. The phrase 'local' is left to each provider to determine in partnership with its tenants.

    In Wealden we developed two branches of 'local', one for sheltered residents developed primarily via Sheltered Housing Residents Group (SHRG) and the other will be for all general needs properties developed in partnership with Wealden Residents Action Group (WRAG). We are continuing to develop local service offers specific to Alderbrook in Crowborough and Town Farm in Hailsham.

    How have local service offers been developed?

    • We worked with tenants to produce are first set of local service offers by 1st April 2011.

    This was done in the following way:

    • We worked with WRAG, SHRG and other resident groups to identify key areas
    • We used the Tenant Conference on 23rd October 2010 to identify other areas and prioritise the key issues raised
    • Survey sent out with the calendar to identify other areas and prioritise the key issues raised
    • We work with existing working groups which include Tenants to identify priorities
    • These Local Offers will be monitored and reviewed by officers and representatives of Wealden Resident Action Group (WRAG) and Sheltered Housing Residents Group (SHRG) and reported back at the end of each financial year via Threshold

    Since then we have used existing meetings and working groups with tenants to update these Local Offers on an annual basis.

    View the latest: Local Offers (pdf) and Local Offers Outputs (pdf)

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