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Rats Advice

Local rats are always on the look out for food and shelter. Our homes and workplaces can easily fit the bill and before long the whole family will take up residence and there may even be the patter of tiny feet!

Once rats have taken up residence they are renowned for the damage that they can do. Apart from the fact that they can spread disease, they will also gnaw at pipe-work, electricity cables, indeed anything that they can get their teeth into, including family heirlooms.

It is far more effective to prevent an infestation rather than deal with it after it has occurred. Here are some tips for a rat free zone:

  • Keep your rubbish area clean and tidy and the lids closed on bins
  • Check over the outside of your property carefully and get any cracks, gaps or broken air-bricks (if you have any) repaired. Remember that rats can get through a gap as small as 20mm (¾")! 
  • Do not leave food out over night for the birds and if you become aware that there are rats in the area, stop putting food out for the birds
  • Rats like a place to hide and piles of old bricks, logs or other items will be ideal. Keep these as far away from your home as possible. 

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