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Car Parking FAQ

How much does it cost to park in Wealden Car Parks?

Wealden Hartfield Road Car Park At Forest RowGood news. Almost all of Wealden's Car Parks are completely free to park in, so long as you are within the rules.

There are just a few in the South of the District that operate a pay and display system and that is because of the extremely limited amount of parking bays at these locations.

What are the basic rules for using Wealden car parks?

Full legal info can be found within the Off Street Parking Order 2015 (pdf) 

Here is the simple  "do not"  list for problem free parking:

  • Park in an appropriate bay and not in a bay designated for specific users such as disabled Blue Badge (external link) holders, parents with small children, or motorcycle bays.
  • Park tidily between the lines of a bay, ensuring that you are not taking up two bays. Only park the appropriate permitted vehicle, as restrictions apply.
  • Do not park on yellow lines, whether double, single or crossed.  Please note, blue badge holders DO NOT have the right to park on yellow lines in our car parks. Generally the lines are placed there for emergency exit and other safety reasons.
  • Do not park on pavements, raised special areas without bays or in front of any emergency exits or entrance and exit areas.
  • Do not exceed the time limit allowed, different areas of our car parks can have different time limits, make sure you are in the right area.
  • Do not return to the same car park (in any place within it) within 3 hours if it is short term parking. 

    The Off Street Parking Act refers to a car park as a place, and a parking space within that car park as a bay. When it states you may not return to the parking place within 1 or 3 hours, it means you may not return to that car park for 1 or 3 hours depending on the car park.

Not sure of where is best to park? Use our Car Park Search facility

I have a Parking Ticket, what do I do now?

Pay a parking fine, or appeal a parking fine

We are planning a day out in Wealden, is there a list of car parks?

Yes, simply choose where you are going from our Car Park Search facility and you can find out how many spaces are at each location, designated bays, time restraints, whether there are toilets and local attraction information.

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