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Application Forms

The Standard Planning Application forms and Local Information Requirements together with Planning logoWealden's Building Regulation forms can be found below.

Planning application forms can be submitted online via the Planning Portal (external link) . Alternatively the forms below can be printed out for completion.

Please Note: Only 1 original and 1 copy (2 in total) of Application Forms, Plans and Documents are required to be submitted unless otherwise stated.

Some users may experience issues when trying to open PDFs marked as "(external pdf)". This is due to these PDFs containing features that are not supported by some browsers. To work around this please read our Guide to Using External PDFs page.

Please Note: As from Wednesday 17th January 2018 Planning Fees will increase by 20% so applications submitted on or after this date will be subject to the new fees. Where applications have been submitted prior to this date, if further details are required then the additional fee will be requested. However, for certain types of applications where the Council has taken longer than its 5 working day target to check the application, the fee increase may be waived providing the information requested is returned in a timely manner.

Useful Information:

Further information can be found on our Agents Information page.

National Validation Requirements as well as Mandatory Local Information Requirements should always be submitted with any application. However, applicants should consider in advance, any local information requirements which might affect their particular application.

Local Information Requirements may not be necessary on many applications. If, however, it is found that this information is required following validation, the application may be made invalid. If any advice or assistance is required on this, then please contact the Duty Planning Officer.

With the increase in the submission of electronic planning applications and consultation with Statutory and other consultees now being carried out electronically, the Council has produced Guidance for Agents and Applicants (pdf)  when submitting plans and documents. The purpose of this is to help speed up the receipt of planning applications and also is in response to comments received from consultees.

Please note: For a Minor Material Amendment please use Form No. 25 (Removal or Variation of Condition)

Planning Application Forms

Listed Building Consent  form required for all works affecting buildings that are listed as being of special architectural or historical interest, or works which affect their setting.

Planning Permission form required for demolition or partial demolition of buildings, outbuildings, walls, gates or fences in a Conservation Area (this type of consent is only required for demolition of buildings or walls in a Conservation Area).

Listing Buildings and Conservation Area Consent
Form Name Guidance Notes Local Information
Listed Building Consent for alterations, or demolition of a Listed Building (11) (external pdf)  Guidance Note (GN11) (external pdf) Local Information Requirements (LIR11) (pdf)
Application for planning permission for demolition in a conservation area (10) (external pdf) Guidance Note (GN10) (external pdf) Local Information Requirements (LIR10) (pdf)

These forms are used to erect or display of a sign, fascia sign, notice or advertisement.
Form Name Guidance Notes Local Information
Consent to display an advertisement(s) (12) (external pdf) Guidance Note (GN12) (external pdf) Local Information Requirements (LIR12) (pdf)
Consent to display an advertisement and Application for Listed Building Consent (13) (currently unavailable) Local Information Requirements (LIR13) (pdf)

Please Note: Only 1 Hazardous Substances Consent Form is required to be submitted.

Building Regulation Application Forms

Trees and Hedgerows Application Forms

Forms to carry out any work on trees protected by a Tree Preservation Order or in a Conservation Area, or to make an application for Hedgerow removal.

Trees and Hedgerows
Form Name Guidance Notes Local Information
Hedgerow Removal Notice (21) (external pdf) Guidance Note (GN21) (external pdf) Local Information Requirements (LIR21) (pdf)
Works to Trees Subject to a Tree Preservation Order (TPO) and/or Notification of Proposed Works to Trees in Conservation Areas (CA) (31)(external pdf) Guidance Note (GN31) (external pdf) Local Information Requirements (LIR31) (pdf)

Please Note:

1) One completed Tree Works Application Form together with plan and any other supporting  

     documents to be submitted.

2) New Conservation Areas were designated by the Council on 22nd March 2017 and you are advised to

    check to see what changes have taken place.

Contact Planning and Building Control