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Application Forms

The Standard Planning Application forms and Local Information Requirements together with Planning logoWealden's Building Regulation forms can be found below.

Planning application forms can be submitted online via the Planning Portal (external link) . Alternatively the forms below can be printed out for completion.

Please Note: Only 1 original and 1 copy (2 in total) of Application Forms, Plans and Documents are required to be submitted unless otherwise stated.

Some users may experience issues when trying to open PDFs marked as "(external pdf)". This is due to these PDFs containing features that are not supported by some browsers. To work around this please read our Guide to Using External PDFs page.

Please Note: From Wednesday 17th January 2018 Planning Fees increased by 20% so applications submitted on or after this date will be subject to the new fees.

 Useful Information:

Planning Application Forms

Building Regulation Application Forms

Trees and Hedgerows Application Forms

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